Meet the Teacher: Matt Fidati


Question: What are your previous job(s)/occupation(s)?

Mr. Fidati was a health and Physical Ed teacher at Lincoln Jackson Academy in Pennsylvania.

Question: What is your level of education?

He went to Marywood University, a small private school in his hometown in Pennsylvania.

Question: What are you looking forward to here at LMSA?

Mr. Fidati: “I’m looking forward to…just working with the kids. What I’m really excited for is a fresh start in a new city and a new school”. He’s heard a lot of good things about this school. “I’m excited about being apart of this community”.

Question: What do you like about LMSA?

Mr. Fidati: “So far I really like the people and the kids. I’m blown away about how nice and respectful the kids are and the people”. He doesn’t see this everyday so it’s nice for a change.

Question: What are your hobbies and interests?

Mr. Fidati: He’s really into baseball. “I’ve played baseball my entire life. I’ve played in college, coached in it too” “[I] really enjoy coaching basketball and baseball”. “I hope to coach baseball here”.


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