Meet the teacher: Mr. Bach

mr bach

Teacher: Mr. Bach, English Department

Me (Student): What was your job before you came to Lindblom?

Mr. Bach: I was a middle school teacher in Seattle before coming to Chicago

Student: How was your education when you were in school?

Mr. Bach: I had rough years in highschool, I wasn’t the smartest kid in school and my dad made me switch schools for my senior year so that was kind of upsetting. I went to Portland State University for my Bachelors in English then later went to the University of Washington where I recieved my Masters in teaching! I also went back to Portland State University afterwards to get an administrative certificate.

Student: What are you looking forward to at Lindblom?

Mr. Bach: I’m excited for the students, they all seem pretty focused in their work. I also can’t wait for all the unique things I’ll be able to teach to my new students.

Student: What have you liked about Lindblom in the time that you’ve been here?

Mr. Bach: Lindblom is a great school and the staff is so supportive whenever I have a question!

Student: Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Mr. Bach: Well I’m from the North West so I like to camp and sail. I am also working on a novel about Seattle



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