Meet the Teacher: Ms. Yosra Yehia

Q: Job/occupation before LMSA?
A: This is my first teaching job. I student taught last spring at Mather high school which is on the north side of Chicago. While doing my undergrad I tutored highs school students.
Q: Education/college?
A: I did my undergrad at the University of Illinois at Chicago and will be starting my masters at the University of Chicago later this month!
Q: What are you looking forward to at LMSA?
A: I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can. So far I have really learned from so many of my students and other teachers.
Q: What do you like about LMSA?
A: What I love about LMSA is the diverse curriculum! I’ve never been exposed to colloquium before here and I just think it’s so cool! Teachers and students have the power to really put a unique learning experience together. My FAVORITE thing at Lindblom though is really how nice all of the students are and the great, supportive staff. For a new teacher this is the experience I’ve dreamed about. I feel like I’m getting spoiled here.  =)
Q: Hobbies/interests?
A: Really since I could walk, I’ve helping out at the family business. My father owns hair salons in Chicago and I guess it went from a part time job to just something I like to do. I love helping out when I can at the shop, I guess ever since I started covering my own hair I started doing other peoples hair for fun!

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