Meet the Teacher: Mr. Cadena


1. Job/occupation before LMSA?

  • Prior to LMSA, I worked at my family’s business preparing taxes and assisting with notary and immigration translations.

2. Education/college?

  • I attended Illinois State University from Fall 2010 to December 2014. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and studied History-Social Science Education and Spanish.

3. What are you looking forward to at LMSA?

  • It has been exciting to meet all of my students. I have not had the opportunity to teach high school classes in full, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing them progress towards adulthood. As for my 8th graders, I hope to do my best to help them transition into high school

4. What do you like about LMSA?

  • The students are incredibly bright, there are many great extracurricular activities for them participate in, and the staff have been immensely supportive.

5. Hobbies/interests?

  • I am a bit of a nerd. I enjoy reading scholarly books and article during my free time (much of which has disappeared since starting at LMSA). Topics of interest include constitutional law, the history of Reconstruction and Civil Rights Movement, and European Imperialism. I also enjoy spending time with my friends over food or coffee, watching political comedy/dramas, and swimming.


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