The Eagle has Left the Nest


After giving 10 outstanding and memorable years at Lindblom, principal Alan Mather has left the LMSA nest leaving behind students and faculty that will miss him extremely. Mr. Mather created an environment for LMSA like no other school environment. Not only did he make the school feel safe and comfortable, he made sure his students enjoyed school as much as possible.

Mr. Mather began his journey in 2005 after he was given the opportunity to reopen Lindblom after it had been close after being heavily invested in infrastructure. Given such an opportunity, Mr. Mather made sure he hired the best faculty for his school and created the best learning environment for the school. Mr. Mather had incredible programs and relationships that included the largest Arabic and Chinese programs in Chicago. Other programs include Biotechnology classes, which LMSA is the only CPS school that offer it due to its strong relationship with Baxter International and a four-year partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art where students have gotten the opportunity to work alongside Genius Award Winner Mark Bradford.

Not only did Mr. Mather focus on  making sure LMSA had the most empowering environment for his students, he also bonded with his students. Mr. Mather was known for standing outside to greet all of his students. Whether sleet, rain, or knee-high snow, he was always with a cheerful smile and a warming ‘Goodmorning’. He was also known for showing his inner kid by riding down the halls on his unicycle or on Halloween dressing in a clown costume throwing candy to those walking up to the school. Kennedy Graves, senior, has had the opportunity of having Mr. Mather as her principal since her 7th grade academic center days. When asked how she felt about his leaving she said “It’s not fair. It’s my senior year and I feel like he could have stayed one more year for me”.  

Mr. Mather has moved on to share his talents and idea for a wider range of students. He is now the Chief of Office and College Career Success for Chicago Public. He is sure to bring creative and intuitive ideas for all students. Wayne Bevis, the intermediate principal, has had the honor of working with Mr. Mather for three years. While he is saddened by no longer having his mentor and what he called his friend by his side he is excited for his new endeavors. “I’m excited about him taking his skills and vision to the district as a whole…and I know from my experience with Mr. Mather that he will always make sure that what happens downtown is in the best interest of students…so I am glad to see him advocating everyday for students”.

LMSA wishes Mr. Mather the best of luck and appreciates everything he has done for this school. Soar away fellow eagle


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