Meet the new Principal


Talon: How does it feel being the new principal of LMSA?

Mr. Bevis: Being the assistant principal after two years and the RA before that, I’m very excited and this is a huge honor… huge, huge shoes to fill. Big shoes to fill after Ms. Mest left, bigger shoes when Mr. Mather left. However, I’m so very excited it’s overwhelming and busy all the time, but excited and just knowing that we have great students great staff great community and everyone’s here for the same reason: to help kids. I go walking around and I’m inspired by what I see- kids learning and leading the class and is just a great feeling. now knowing that I’m carrying on the torch Mr. Mather relit after opening the school was just as humbling.

Talon: So how does the process of an interim principal work?

Mr. Bevis: That’s a great question I wondered that myself first and so what it looks like right now is the interim principal is appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools, so I don’t think most people realize that Mr. Mather was the interim principal at the school for nine years. The process goes through the ALSE. So the ALSE advisory Council made up of six parents, two teachers, two community members and two Baxter representatives. They will start next meeting and fill any vacancies that they have so that it is fully staffed. Using the guidance and protocols from CPS to begin the new principal search they typically will do site visits of the candidates they’re most interested in and I’m sure they’ll be some individual interviews with whichever candidates they narrow down to and then typically the final two or three schools have a community forum for questions of the candidates. They then go back and vote on a decision after the meeting then make a recommendation to the CEO of CPS. I hope they do a long search and find great candidates and I hope at the end they find me as the principal.

Talon: What would you say you’re most looking forward to as the principal and how do you want LMSA to progress or change?

Mr. Bevis: I’m passionate about the PBL initiative and making sure that this year and next year we get a strong foundation on it. Where we go from there, that’s going to be a discussion with students teachers and the parents of what else needs to change, what is working, whats not working, where we need to go from there me and so the PBL is really my big focus. I truly believe that PBL gives students more control and more ability to advocate for their own learning than they had in the past, and that’s really what I want to make sure that we can empower students. I want to make sure that people realize this isn’t going to be a quick initiative that we do for your two years, but this is going to be where the school is headed educationally. When people think of LMSA and the kind of education they get, they can think of students that can advocate for themselves and students can advocate for areas of growth.


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