New Year, New Grading


Enjoying the new grading system? Starting this school year, teachers have taken on a whole new way of grading. Many students are now taking advantage of the new Proficiency Based Learning grading system, also known as PBL.  Previously, Lindblom teachers used a traditional grading system to grade students, which focused more on the grade itself and not student’s ability to learn.

Instead of a typical letter grade, students are now graded based upon their skills and their Habits of Life Long Learning otherwise known as HoLLs. Teachers are now looking for student’s growth in certain aspects such as intellectual growth, social growth and personal responsibility.

At the beginning of the school year, students have felt that PBL was going to be overwhelming and too difficult to understand. Senior Paris Edwards said, “I thought it was going to be too much and hard to learn and adjust to.” Many other students felt the same way, that HoLLs and PBL was way too confusing. As we now enter October, Paris feels that this new grading system is actually beneficial for students. “I feel that it gives students an advantage. You can’t fail unless you really make an effort to and it gives us a chance to actually understand and maintain what we’re learning”

Paris isn’t the only Lindblom student who feels this way.

Senior Rebecca Bowman said, “I think that with time the grading system can be a really great opportunity for Lindblom students to master skills that can prepare them for life after high school.”

Students are now being assessed on what they learn and have an opportunity to improve their skills in all aspects.

Though the PBL has taken sometime for students to get used to, many have seen PBL and to be beneficial for their learning and their grades.

“I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet,” senior Jessica Clark said. “I’m still a little confused about some of the policies involved in it, but I feel like it has benefits for both teachers and students. Especially with making sure students know for understanding and not for the grade.”

HoLLs is not accessible through Gradebook, so now students, parents and teachers can access grades on this new program called For more information about PBL, HoLLs and, visit Lindblom’s website at


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