234 days till prom

Revel Space

Revel Space

Senior year is probably the most important year of a teenager’s life. We transition into adulthood when we turn 18 and we continue our education by moving on to college. How do we celebrate all of these big achievements? Senior activities, of course!

The LMSA senior class board has been working diligently to ensure that the class of 2016 has an experience of a lifetime. Sydney Tenton (President), Rebecca Bowan (Vice President), Aleah Williams (Secretary), Chad Tucker ( Treasurer), and Jalynn Stubbs (Fundraising Chair) have been working closely with the 2016 class sponsors Ms. Wind and Ms. Levites to make sure that senior year is as successful as it possibly can be. To ensure that the senior class is heard, the class board meets with students during X period colloquium to hear ideas from those who are not on the class board.

The senior class board spent the entire summer going over possible prom locations. After going back and forth with the Museum of Science & Industry, it was decided that a better fit would be Revel Space located in downtown Chicago. This location has appealed to many of the senior students and seems to be a perfect fit. The prom location has been approved by Ms. Fitz. The next move is to get Revel approved as a CPS vendor. Tickets will be $90.

In other news, the class of 2016 has decided to host luncheon at Carnivale. The class picnic will still be at the South Shore Cultural Center.

Fundraising is also a big topic amongst the senior class board. The board has been working to come up with successful fundraisers such as a senior lock in, Innisbrook sells,  “Spook a Boo” candy bags, and possibly a party.

The senior board of 2016 is definitely working hard to ensure that senior year is an inexpensive year to remember. Prom, luncheon, and the picnic are definitely looking to be successful thanks to the class board, class sponsors and the students who spend their outside time to contribute ideas to the board.


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