Lindblom’s Great Debaters

Coach Mr. Van talking to the Lindblom Debate Team

Coach Mr. Van talking to the Lindblom Debate Team

Congratulations to the Lindblom Debate Team on their astounding job at their first debate tournament of the year this past weekend. In the tournament all of the new Novice debaters had winning records for the tournament. In the Novice speakers rankings were seventh-grader Kendal West was 18th, junior Sydney Guillory was 16th, and freshman Ra-Zakee Muhammad was 14th. When asked how well she believed she performed in the tournament Sydney said, “I think I did okay for my first tournament. ”

In the Varsity division, senior Chad Tucker was the 8th place speaker and senior Kaylen Herring was 2nd. Kaylen and Chad went undefeated for the tournament with a score of 14-0 and won the Varsity Championship. When asked how well his partner and him did Chad said, “As individuals, Kaylen and I would murder the other teams. As a partnership, it  was a bloodbath. The hardest debate round was against this one [person] from Thomas Kelly who I can’t stand. she lost; we won. End of story.”   

The debate team’s coach, Mr. Van, also had many great things to say about the team’s performance. “I was really encouraged by their performances. the new debaters gave admirable performances and were great,” he said. “It’s also great to win a tournament like Kaylen and Chad did”, Mr. Van said when asked how he felt the team did as a whole. Mr. Van would also like to thank all the teachers who volunteered to help at the tournament. He would like to give a big thanks to Tom Clark for staying with Chad and Kaylen through the end of the tournament at 11 p.m. on Saturday night.


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