Lindblom Students Respond to Jump Rope


By Dejah Jones and Taelor Prince

It has been said Jump Rope is supposed to help with the improvement of students grades. A recent Lindblom Talon survey shows that the transition from Student Portal to Jump Rope has shown no change in student grades.
The poll found that many students prefer Student Portal over Jump Rope, but in close relation many students didn’t care for either grading system. With this, 28 percent of Eagles who said they prefer Student Portal are also not happy with their grades, 12 percent said yes they are happy, and 10 percent said no comment.
Thirty-six percent said that their grades stayed the same with the usage of the Jump Rope grading system, but following that result, 34 percent said their grades increased. With the new grading system and the confusion, it is expected that students would check their grades more often. Surprisingly more students check their grades weekly rather than everyday. This poll was conducted between October 16 and October 19

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