Lindblom’s New Parking Lot



The new parking lot opened Monday, November 23.


Lindblom is getting a new parking lot. Last year Lindblom received a grant for a $2.4 million plan to build a new 100-car parking lot on 61st and Winchester.

The parking lot was supposed to be completed by this fall but there was a delay. It will be across the street from the school in the back. The parking lot has caused residents on the 6100 block of Winchester to have to move from their homes. The city had to buy out the homes from the owners in order to begin the process. However, there was a large presence of asbestos, a group of minerals that occur as bundles of fibers that when released into the air and inhaled can get into the lungs and lead to major health problems. Because of the extreme health concerns, the city cleaned the houses free of asbestos before they tore them down.

Construction finally started on the parking lot in September. The parking lot is meant for safety and security of the students and staff. Right now students and staff have to park around the building and sometimes blocks away from the school.

Senior Ayanna Hayes, “Yes, I am very excited for the new parking lot because that would mean more parking spot opportunities and not worrying about finding a parking spot early in the morning.”

Parking around the school has been a problem on some days. When the city cleans the streets, parking for one side of the street is not allowed.

Senior Paris Edwards said, “There is nowhere to park and all the cars are on one side. People be parked up all up on each other which causes accidents.” This also causes staff and students to search for parking around the school and neighborhood.  

The parking lot will come in handy when the school host events like panels and graduations. The construction company McDonagh Demolition Inc., hopes to be done with the new lot before December.


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