College and Career Center is NOW OPEN!


This year the counseling staff at LMSA has done something beneficial for the upperclassmen: opening up the College and Career Center for all juniors and seniors during every lunch period!

Last year’s senior class was able to obtain $42.3 million in scholarship money. With the College and Career Center now becoming an available resource, this year’s class is expected to exceed that limit. Seniors and juniors are now given the opportunity to work on college applications, scholarship essays, personal statements, homework, etc. Many LMSA students support this new opportunity.

Senior Heaven Johnson said, “I think that it’s effective for students who want to work on the college process including applications and scholarships. A lot of students utilize it because there is always a counselor in there and they can help them get lots of work done.”

Not only are students able to be productive during their lunch period, but also the College and Career Center will be having various college representatives coming in as well as scholarship programs. It gives students a chance to research and explore their school options and help in making a college decision.

Outside of being resource for all upperclassmen, Senior Seminar is held in the College and Career Center every Wednesday on colloquium. Seniors have more time to spend on college related work as well as learn about things like Naviance, EFC and Net Price calculator, and financial aid.


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