What is Senior Class Board talking about?



Senior activities are approaching fast and class board is getting together to discuss fundraising ideas. Recently, there was a meeting for senior parents about what seniors could do to raise money. There were many great ideas such as Carson’s Community Day, a lock-in, senior apparel sale, and even a parent bowling night. While all of these ideas are great, the main problem is getting them approved by CPS.That has been the biggest obstacle when it comes to fundraising: “we can’t do this because it violates CPS policy.”

When it comes to raising money, Senior fundraising chair, Jalynn Stubbs says, “Prom, luncheon, and senior picnic will be here before we know it. If we don’t fundraise, prom is going to be very expensive. Us girls have to buy dresses, and the last thing we want is to pay $120 for a ticket.”

Since CPS is technically the thing that is holding us back from raising money, President Sydney Tenton says, “Many of my fellow classmates believe that as a class board, we are not doing our jobs when it comes to finding ways to raise money or even making money in general. They don’t understand all of restrictions that we have. However, we can find alternative ways to raise money. Having a lock-in has been the topic of discussion for a while. We would need chaperones, but the money raised can be donated by a parent so that it is “legal’’.”
Fundraising will be the center of every meeting that Senior Board will have in the future. For updates concerning everything senior class related, there is a twitter page: @LMSA2016.


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