Does LMSA hand out too many ‘A’s?


Here at LMSA a majority of the grades, if not all, are assigned to students according to how hard they work for it.

Senior Malik Pattrick thinks, “Personally, I think that we don’t give out enough A’s because you got to work for your grades here. Ain’t nobody giving you no ‘A’ just because you want it. You have to work for it! You heard me?!” Clearly one of our fellow Eagles agrees to the fact that earning an A takes time and dedication.

Senior Julian Gutierrez thinks, “No, because he thinks you have to work for your ‘A’s because nothing is just given to us”.

If teachers were to only gives us an ‘A’ just to give us one, that would only help us fail in the future. Receiving a grade that says you do understand the criteria when you really don’t, doesn’t help you in the long run. What happens if you were to come across a college or another high school who grades you based on comprehension and accuracy, but at your former school it didn’t matter if you comprehended or how accurate as long as you wrote something and turned it in? You wouldn’t know what to do for future references.  Grades should be based on accuracy, and it’s important that students try and comprehend what they’ve completed.  Simply giving a student an ‘A’ doesn’t accurately represent a student’s academic capabilities for college and future goals.

LMSA does a pretty good job with making sure students receive the grade they so rightfully deserve. With the honesty given to us in our grade given, we will be able to further our knowledge in the future.


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