Laquan McDonald Aftermath


On November 24, 2015, Chicago officials finally released the disturbing video of a Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting and killing a seventeen year old boy, Laquan McDonald.

On October 20, 2014, Van Dyke fired a total of sixteen shots at McDonald, who was holding a knife and then fell to the pavement. Van Dyke was the only one of the eight officers on the scene to fire his weapon.

Police brutality has been an issue within our society for a few years now and it is only getting worse. Most students weren’t surprised at all by this incident. Senior Kaylen Herring said, “When you go outside and you’re black, you wear a neon target saying “Shoot. Society won’t care anyway”, or at least that’s how it seems nowadays, so I’m not surprised by what happened at all.” In this country, police have taken on a bad reputation to our society and have been known to take advantage of their authority.

Protesters disrupted holiday shopping around Chicago’s most famous shopping attraction, the “Magnificent Mile”. I believe the protestors goal was to bring massive media attention to the situation, which was a very smart idea.

“I’m confused by how police officers get away with blatant murder and the system protects them. Van Dyke still had job security although the video shows him killing LaQuan,” said senior Rebecca Bowman.


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