What’s it like to be an SAT?


My sophomore year was when I heard about being a SAT (student assistant teacher), and I thought that students were insane for wanting to be a teacher- or help one. However, by the end of my junior year I was strongly considering becoming an SAT. I noticed my love for the Chinese language and culture, but mainly that I wanted to share that same passion with younger students on their journey to learning Chinese.

After deciding that I wanted to be an SAT for my fourth and fifth year Chinese teacher, the excitement started to settle in. This excitement lasted all summer until I got an email from Ms. Myers. She told me that I would still be able to participate in the program, but not for the teacher I selected. I was nervous because now I didn’t know the teacher at all. I knew that it would be hard teaching freshman and helping a teacher I had never worked with before, but I knew it would all be worth it.

I am three months into the program and I couldn’t love the experience any more. My students have absolutely shaped a new perspective for me on teaching and the talent it takes to be a teacher. Although teaching Chinese 1- to a huge group of freshman- can be a hassle, the teacher that I work with is beyond helpful to not only the students but to me as well. She has helped me establish an important role in the classroom and become a better leader. The relationship that my teacher and I have grown to have reflects in how well the students are learning the language.

Although every SAT experience isn’t the same, Senior Zarah Spencer (SAT for Environmental Science) said, “I absolutely love my students. I think teaching seventh graders is so fun. They’re so excited to learn and I’m glad to be there to help them and answer any questions they have.”

I couldn’t have chosen a better class to take my senior year. My communication and listening skills have improved, as well as having more patience. Having the ability to help students through the struggle of learning a new language has given me much gratitude and happiness.


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