The loss of a LMSA tradition


Colloquium has been a Lindblom tradition for many, many years. Colloquium, which always falls on Wednesday’s, has been typically used as a study hall for students–students who actually take advantage of the opportunity to be productive, that is.

Many teachers feel that students are taking colloquium for granted. According to murmur around the school, students have been caught ditching class, and those who do go to class usually are not on task. As a result, two very important things have happened. One, students are now required to carry a pass whenever they are in the hallway to ensure they are where they’re supposed to be; two, teachers are petitioning the removal of colloquium.

As a senior, I personally will not be affected if colloquium is removed unless it falls into place next semester. If it does, I will be highly upset. Since seventh grade, I have taken advantage of colloquium. Whether it was finishing an assignment, getting help from a teacher or catching up on sleep. I don’t think it’s fair to punish the students who do take advantage of colloquium. If colloquium is removed, students will be forced to find extra ways to get help from their teachers. This would be extremely hard for me and other students who are apart of many afterschool programs. After a long day, which usually ends after 7:30, I come home to sleep and complete my homework during colloquium the next day. If colloquium is removed, I will be forced to stay up late to finish my homework.

Senior Jalynn Stubbs said, “Removing colloquium will ultimately cause our ranking at #7 to go down because there are no more support classes for the students.”

“I have mixed feelings. I think colloquium is a great opportunity for our students to not only explore different things but also a chance to rest in the middle of the week,” Mr. Dudek said. “On the other hand, I feel like many students and teachers don’t take it seriously enough and maybe it’s time for it to go.”

Students and teachers are on opposing sides pertaining to what should happen with colloquium. Considering all the changes Lindblom has already undergone and the students who do take colloquium seriously, I strongly believe that a 1-8 day is the last thing we need.


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