Debaters Win Tournament, $2,500


This past weekend, Chad Tucker and Kaylen Herring participated in the Performance Trust Public Debate Tournament on the U.S. Economy. They debated top teams from around the city on two topics: the gender pay gap and the benefits of free trade. They did not lose a round all weekend and emerged as the winners, defeating Walter Payton in the championship round. Lindblom is now the back-to-back champion of this tournament.


Chad was the fifth place speaker and earned a $500 scholarship. Kaylen was the top speaker and earned a $2,000 scholarship.


The team has doubled in size since last season, which is a good thing.  Someone has won a speaking award every tournament for the past four seasons. Debater Kaylen Herring has five championship titles and she and another Lindblom student, Chad Tucker, competes nationally.


Our Lindblom Debate team has five Championship titles. Go, Eagles! They have recently completed their fourth tournament of the year. The team includes:

Alexus James-Anderson
Kendall West
Kayla Richardson
Kaitlyn Kirk
Ra-Zakee Muhammad
Chad Tucker
Sydney Guillory
Courtney Johnson
Shelby Grant
Trevon Muhammad
Cinque Carson
Tyler Steels


— Mr.Van contributed to this report.


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