Dating & Relationships in High School


In today’s society we see the continuously changing stereotype of high school dating/relationships. The head jock dates the head cheerleader, or the head jock dumps the head cheerleader for someone further down on the social totem pole of high school. Are these stereotypes true though? Have high school relationships continued to fit this stereotype or have they changed and redefined themselves in a new generation. When asked this question Senior Jalynn Stubbs said, “No, because I am in a relationship with an athlete and no I am not a cheerleader but I also don’t consider myself to be at the bottom of the totem pole.”

      What Stubbs says does raise a new question though. Do you need to be at the top of the social totem pole if you choose to date an athlete?  When asked this question Senior Brea Burnett said, “No, because it is more seen in TV relationships but I have never seen an actual real life Lindblom couple fitting this stereotype. I am not at the bottom of the social totem pole but then again I am not “the head cheerleader”.

     The basis we can get from these two relationships is no you do not need to be at the top of the social totem pole of high school to have a relationship. When asked what makes a relationship successful, Senior Miranda Stamps said, “Honesty, loyalty, and communication help build a successful relationship. Why be with someone you cannot trust nor communicate with?” No two relationships are the same and not all relationships fit the TV stereotype of what a high school relationship should be. If you wish to have a relationship in high school you have to show that you consider yourself to have some value so that someone else will. From there everything else is up to you.


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