Boys Bowling season comes to end; Girls Team wins regionals for second time

By Mia Pope



The Boys bowling team ended the season on a good note, finishing fourth in the city championships at Bluebird Lanes on January 25.  With three seniors graduating this year, Jonathan Purnell, Kyrin Jones, and Tristan Hannah,  the team had goals of making a better name for themselves.  Last year, Tristan was the only one to pass on to the state sectionals with an average of 198.5 and total pinfall of 1,191.   


Tristan, co-captain of the team, said  “We had a decent season based off what we had done last year.  This year we finished fourth in the city and made it to the second round of the state tournament.  We also did all of this with a new coach.  Coach Pickenpack was the coach at Morgan Park but he came to Lindblom this year.  Hopefully next year the team can make it even farther than we did this year.”


On the other hand, the girls team has just started the process of making it down state.  On Saturday, February 6, the team repeated a first place win at the regional championships and three players on the team placed in the top three individually.  Crystal Brewer with third, Cyan Baker with second, and Mia Pope with first.


For the past four years, the team has won their conference with a breeze.  Last year,  the team was marked the first to bring home a city championship since the school reopened in 2010.  Not only that, but they also brought home a regional title and made it down state as a team in the same year.    


Mia, co-captain of the team, said “Anything with CPS has been a breeze within the past year.  It’s been the state portion that has been the hurdle that we have been trying to overcome.  Even though we made it down state last year, I was the only one to make it to the next day.  This year it’s going to be even harder because we have the top four ranked teams in our sectional, so I have no clue how we will do as a team.  I just hope at the minimum that at least four out of five of us make it individually”


Last year Mia came 19th averaging 215.3 with total pinfall of 2,584 in the state missing medaling by 16 points.  This week the team prepares for the city playoffs on Wednesday and state sectionals on Saturday.


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