Broncos beat Panthers in Super Bowl

By Olayemi Shekete


Sunday, February 7 the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50. This article was a prediction made on the game before the game was played.

The Panthers are 15-1 this season in the NFC and one win away from first championship.

But, anyone who believes that Super Bowl 50 will be a cakewalk for the Cam Newton led Carolina Panthers is wrong. They are facing the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos. The Broncos finished at the top spot in the AFC and are hungry for another title.

Super Bowl 50 is stacking up to be a battle of quarterbacks between Newton and Manning. Newton is the front-runner for league MVP. But Newton will being going against a former Super Bowl MVP and 5 time league MVP in Manning.

Although they are very different types of quarterbacks, Newton is 26 and considered the most athletic QB the league has ever seen because of his ability to both rush and throw. And he does both very well. Manning is 39, but arguably the best passing QB of all-time. Both are former No. 1 overall picks and offensive monsters in their own regard.

The respect between the two quarterbacks is apparently mutual. Peyton Manning on Cam Newton: “There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to be the MVP Saturday night.” (Sports Illustrated). And when told about who he’ll be facing in the Super Bowl, Cam responded, “Oh wow. Playing the sheriff. Well either way, we’re going to live in the moment.” (Inquisitr).

But Super Bowl 50 will not be decided simply on the offensive end. The championship will go to whoevers defense is better at stopping the others QB. Broncos cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Chris Harris will make it tough for Newton to reach his receivers. But the Panthers ability to run because of Newton, TE Greg Olsen, and RB Jonathan Stewart will help this drawback.

On the Panthers side, a high-turnover generating defense is how they have blown teams open early, and never looked back. Manning will have to keep his turnovers to an absolute minimum if he looks have his Broncos compete with the Panthers.

My prediction? The Panthers will be celebrating the franchise’s first Super Bowl victory. Cam Newton is just too much as a dual-threat QB. Denver’s defense might be able to contain his throwing to an extent, but he is just too fearless. He will thread the needle anyway. His ability to also run will put too much pressure on the Broncos’ defense. And the Panthers’ relentless defense will make Manning and the Broncos pay for every mistake they make.

The game will be somewhat close, but ultimately will be won by the Panthers. Their only blemish is to the Atlanta Falcons. And in this game Newton’s performance was beyond sub-par. Newton’s performance can be expected to be anything but sub-par for his first Super Bowl. Panthers 32, Broncos 24.


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