Talon sports coverage favors boys; That is wrong

By Kennedy Graves


A recent dilemma has been discovered by me: the lack of reporting on female sports on the Lindblom Talon website. It seems as though The Talon website has completely forgotten about the opposing sex’s existance, not to mention their accomplishments and/or failures. The only sports posted so far for the 2015-16 school year have been updates on boys’ football, basketball, wrestling, soccer, cross country, and swimming.

Not only does the website only include only boys sports, it only includes certain boys sports. In fact of the 11 sports articles, four of them are football articles and four of them are basketball articles. All boys and girls sports teams should be included on the Lindblom website. The website is for Lindblom as a whole, not Lindblom as a boys’ wrestling, soccer, swimming, football, cross country and basketball team.  

Lindblom girls’ sports are actually some the most thriving and successful sports teams in the school. For example, the girls’ swimming team won conference and placed 7th in city out of 26 teams. Girls’ bowling also won their conference, regionals, and are looking into a bright future at city and state. The girls’ volleyball team had a successful season and played great in their conference game. The Lindblom Dance Ensemble, without a coach, successfully choreographs dances and performs at school functions and even got invited to perform in another school’s dance show. There are many more girls’ teams that are thriving and are doing well in their seasons.


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