Where does the money go?

by Alyssa Diaz


While standing in line for the beloved churros sold in the library, do you ever wonder where the dollar you spend for each goes? Who came up with the idea for selling churros? Why did they choose to sell food after school?

The Writing Center, located in the library, is selling churros. Every Tuesday lines form right after school just to get one- or four.

Students wait in line until 3:31 p.m. just to get their hands on the snack. Some even go as far as complaining when their favorite filling is gone.

But where does the money go?

After speaking to head of the Writing Center and Librarian, Ms. Caneva, and a Writing Center tutor, junior Curtis Robinson, the truth was revealed.

Curtis said, “ [The fundraisers] allow us to continue our special projects, like our contest. It also funds our literary magazine coming out soon.”

Curtis also said how the Lindblom Writing Center tutors use money from the fundraisers to go toward the gift cards purchased for the contest winners. Each gift card is $25, and they are from Target and Dunkin Donuts.

Curtis brought up how hard it was at the start.  “At the beginning we didn’t have any funding for the Writing Center; we had to think of creative ways to fund special projects,” he said.

After a lot of hard work and planning, the Writing Center came up with creative ideas they thought their peers would enjoy, while still bringing in money for the Writing Center.

Ms. Caneva also made sure to stress how important it is for the Writing Center instructors to come up with ideas on their own. Ms. Caneva said, “It’s very important because [the writing instructors] are the peers of the customers. They know what they like, and I think customers like it more due to this.”

The Writing Center will also be hosting a Lip Sync Battle Feb. 11. You can sign up in the library with Ms. Caneva. All proceeds will go to future contests and their upcoming literary magazine.


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