Clinton versus Sanders: the fight to win the democratic nomination

By Taylor Manuel

According to recent polls from Real Clear Politics, over the past five months Clinton has managed to stay ahead in the debate; as the months go on her numbers start to dwindle whereas Sanders, the underdog, begins to move up in the election.

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In an opinion article by NBC news this debate seems to be compared to the 2008 election with Clinton versus  Obama. Although Obama may disagree that the debate is not the same as the debate between him and Clinton, you could compare Bernie Sanders to Obama.



From the beginning of July until Feb. 10 Clinton kept the lead in the debate. However, Obama quickly took the lead from Feb. 13 and from then on kept the lead making him the winner to represent the democratic party.

This is a concern for most Clinton supporters because they feel that she may lose the lead later on just as she did in 2008 as Sanders sneaks up on her. However, the Clinton campaign may not be as concerned due to them feeling as if Obama’s advantage was that he had a lot of African Americans on his side. In an NBC article it states, “On Friday afternoon, the Clinton campaign made two arguments to First Read why Bernie Sanders isn’t Barack Obama 2.0 — 1) he doesn’t have the same ability to galvanize African-American voters, and 2) they’re not going to let him dominate the caucus contests.” On the other hand, Sanders feels that having younger voters on his side will be his advantage.


This race, unlike Obama vs. Clinton, may be even closer.



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