The Unpredictable Bulls


By: Oscar Lechuga


Many Chicago Bulls players have been in and out of the lineup throughout the season and it is reflected by their record. Arguably the Bulls glue guy, Mike Dunleavy Jr, has not played a single game because of complications with back surgery. The team lacks three point shooting because of his long term absence.

Bulls coach, Fred Hoiberg, told the Chicago Tribune, “He picks things up very quickly…He has been watching every day on the sidelines. We’ve had him running plays with the second group after practice for the last week and a half.”

It is evident that Dunleavy is a very important part of the equation for this team.

To add on to the ride, the Bulls have had several losses against sub .500 teams. Many fans are becoming angry with the lack of effort against teams that they are supposed to be beating quite easily. A solution needs to come fast or the franchise might need to make drastic decisions on this teams future.

In a season with lots of downs, there has been some bright signs. Rookie, Bobby Portis, picked in the 2015 draft shows great upside for the future in a Bulls uniform. Portis seeks the spotlight and does not lack bravery. Definitely one of the late draft pick steals that can eventually help get wins for this team.

Again this year the Bulls have another player going to the All Star Game in Toronto. Jimmy Butler has continued his success from last season and has set new career highs. After five years in the league it seems that he has positioned himself to be a top player in the NBA.

Although the start was not pretty, another player who is very important to the Bulls success has shown signs as of late. Arguably the Bulls best player for the last eight years, Derrick Rose, is finally starting  to show the MVP level he showed in 2011. The month of January had several flashy and vintage plays Chicago grew accustom to. “I love the way I’m playing .. I’m going to find a way,” Derrick Rose said after a game against the Timberwolves to VSN. The Bulls superstar still feels he and his team will find a way to win basketball games.

Although it has been an up and down season so far, Bulls fans believe that with some more communication and effort it can all change. This team has enough talent to make it interesting in the 2016 playoffs.



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