Voter Registration at Lindblom

by: Leah Logan


Lindblom’s AP Government class is hosting a voter registration drive next week so that eligible students are able to vote in the upcoming Presidential Primary Election. The Drive will be held in both Room 325 and the Library.

Chicago has a relatively low voter turnout, especially among young people. A lot of people do not get out and vote because of a lack of trust in politics, also known as political efficacy. Some people feel that their vote will not make a difference so there is no point in voting.

When asked why is it important for people to vote, senior Garvey Gregory said, “The voting system, while very flawed, is still one of the only powers we as citizens have. For most citizens that aren’t donating millions to campaign funds, the strongest way to ensure that what happens is to elect people who will make that happen. When people don’t vote, politicians tend to think it’s okay to under represent that sect of the population.”

When asked the same question, AP Government teacher Ms. Wind quoted Martin Luther King. The quote stated, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

In 2014, Illinois legislature passed the Suffrage at 17 law. This law allows Illinois residents of the age of 17 to vote in the Primary Election in March as long as they will be 18 by the General Election in November.

The Primary Election is the election to determine which candidate from each party will be running in the General Election for President. The purpose of this election is for voters to choose which candidate from their party they want to run in the General Election.

In Chicago, we have a closed primary election. This means that when you go to the polls to vote you have to officially declare your party, either Republican or Democratic. Then, depending on what you said, you will receive either a Republican ballot or a Democratic ballot.

The Illinois Primary Election is on March 15, 2016, so get out and vote.

If any student has questions, feel free to reach out Ms. Wind or any AP Government students.



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