Talon Endorsement: Kasich offers hope over despair

by Talon Editorial Board


In the crowded and crazy Republican field, between all the arguments and fights, the negativity and mud-slinging, there is one glimmer of hope: John Kasich.

The Ohio governor is not perfect, but he differentiates himself from the Republican field with his sensible stances on issues such as immigration, criminal justice, foreign policy, climate change and same-sex marriage.

If you asked the average voter what the Republican stance is on undocumented immigrants, you’d probably hear them mention deportation and wall-building.  These are the ideas that have dominated the topic in the Republican debates.

Kasich offers a more realistic plan.  Instead of deporting nine million people, why not let the law-abiding ones stay and make a life for themselves and contribute to the U.S. economy?  While the governor does not go as far as to offer them citizenship, he at least understands that deporting them all is impossible and immoral.

Criminal justice is another area that Kasich seems more sensible than his Republican competitors.  He wants to shorten sentences for non-violent criminals, such as those arrested for drug possession. Rather than mandatory sentences, he favors rehabilitation an counseling. Kasich also wants to enact a plan to make it easier for ex-felons to find jobs. It is this type of compassion that seems to be missing from the Republican rhetoric.

When it comes to foreign policy, Kasich sounds like an expert compared to his counterparts.  Sen. Ted Cruz wants to “carpet bomb” the Middle East, and businessman Donald Trump wants to ban every Muslim from the county. Kasich has a more practical approach, working with the European Union to come up with a plan to deal with the crisis.

His stance on other issues like climate change (it’s real) and same-sex marriage (it’s the law) makes him seem more in touch with the opinions of mainstream America.

With Jeb Bush’s departure, there are five Republicans left in the field.  We feel Marco Rubio has some qualities we look for in a candidate, and we wouldn’t rule out support of Ben Carson.  Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, on the other hand, seem too extreme to lead a diverse country like the United States.

So, with his reasonable and compassionate stances on a variety of issues, the Talon Editorial Board endorses Gov. John Kasich for the Republican nomination for president.



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