Off Season Update: Chicago Baseball

By: Jeremy Crenshaw


After ending the 2015 season with a 78 – 86 record, there is definitely room for improvement in the Chicago White Sox organization. During the off season, the free agent market opened up and  several key defensive players left the organization including: Geovany Soto (C), Jeff Samardzija (RHP), Gordon Beckham (3B), Alexei Ramirez (SS), and Tyler Flowers (C) . As of now the Sox are dealing their cards to reconstruct the roster and acquire talent to fill empty spots.

The Chicago Cubs on the other hand is seen to be the next championship team out of Chicago. According to MLB columnist Phill Rodgers the team could have their first 100-win season since 1935, and they also have a shot at ending their 108 year world series drought. The 2015 season was a year to internalize mistakes and prepare to take it all in 2016. During the off season the Cubs chose to tightened up their roster by signing a number of left handed pitchers, along with RHP John Lackey. However they had to get rid of Starlin Castro to acquire RHP Adam Warren from the New York Yankees.


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