Youth leaders spread animal awareness

by Ruby Diaz


Lindblom students work hard every Wednesday to give the best possible presentations to other students. Animal awareness students present for 45 minutes to teach elementary students how to take care of animals.

Senior Treasure McDaniel said, “Lindblom students spread animal awareness by giving presentations to younger audiences who are not aware of animal cruelty in their neighborhood. We teach children how treat animals humanely.”

The students bring bags full of dog items and various photos and tell the class to explain whether the item or photo is good or bad for a dog’s health. Youth leaders educate young children in Chicago Public elementary schools about safe and humane treatment of companion animals, humane animal treatment, the threat of animal abuse, and how to set good examples around pets and other animals in their communities. They are taught to educate on the effect of ownership on animal behavior.

Many young kids don’t know how to properly treat an animal. Animal Awareness provides the kids with information that they can share with the community in order to stop unfair treatment of animals. The youth leaders make an impact on kids’ lives, receiving letters of thanks.

Junior George Walls said, “Lindblom students show children what to, and what not to do around animals. We teach them the true meaning of being humane.”


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