Hit the Floor: Season Three Comeback

By: Kiya Reeves


VH1’s drama series Hit the Floor is about an Los Angeles basketball team, its organization, its dancers, and its staff. They face many conflicts involving money, murder, power, sex, and deceit. The drama stays warm with the love triangle in the plot between the main character, Asha (a dancer), German (her current boyfriend), and Derrick (a basketball player). The corruption within the stadium caused the death of one of the dancers (Mia) and the dance coach (Olivia), and everyone is pointing fingers.

Hit the Floor recently started its new season after a long intermission due to one of the cast member’s death. Stephanie Moseley, one of the dancers on the show, was murdered by her boyfriend. The death of this dancer caused a lot of emotion for both the cast and the viewers. Producers were unsure of another season, but nevertheless, there is season three.

I asked senior, Dazjane Nesbitt, how she felt during the long intermission and how she feels now that season three has started. She responded saying “During the intermission, I was highly upset because I wanted more. Once the show finally aired I was excited because I wanted to see who Asha would end up with”. Clearly Dazjane is involved in the drama and has chosen a side in the love triangle.

I also asked senior, Diamond Williams, who she thinks killed Olivia. She responds saying “I think German did. At first I thought it was Jelena (the dancer captain).”With the upcoming episode we’ll find out who actually killed Olivia


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