What If We Lose Colloquium

By: Matthew Ornelas


The Board of Education and the Chicago Teachers Union have yet to agree on a new contract, leaving the future of CPS schools to have endless possibilities. Teachers may suffer pay cuts and others losing their jobs. The Chicago Teachers Union may go on a strike the same way they did in 2012, for an unknown length of time.

Rumors began to spread around schools about what will happen in the future, specifically, here at Lindblom, about class sizes increasing and classes being combined with other classes. One rumor that students and teachers are most concerned for is losing colloquium.

Colloquium has been very helpful and stress relieving for students, teachers, and staff. “If we lose colloquium, my soul will be lost. Teachers are heartless, so I won’t have a day to do my homework,” senior Tavarius Harston said.

“I would transfer,” sophomore Kimberley Simpson said. Sophomore Tanisha Jones and junior Alona Jackson agreed.

However some students have a different opinion. “I don’t care, I’m a senior,” senior Alberto Zavala said.

Not only students but teachers are upset about the idea of losing colloquium. “I would not like it if we were to lose colloquium,” math teacher Anthony Cappetta said. Majority of the school would have a negative response on losing colloquium.

Colloquium has been very helpful and beneficial for Lindblom students and teachers for more than nine years. Ever since the school re-opened, colloquium has been apart of the school. Colloquium is now a reliable and helpful tool that students, teachers, and staff use to get through the week.

Colloquium is not only about providing support classes for students or study halls for students and teachers to catch up on their work, but also providing fun and unique classes where students and teachers do not always have to do work. Examples of these classes include culinary, sailing, fencing, ping pong, and multiple different sporting classes.

If losing colloquium were to be an outcome after the Chicago Teachers Union and Board of Education negotiations, how will it affect the students, teachers, and staff at Lindblom?


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