Rihanna’s album “ANTI” solidifies her place amongst the best

By: Charles Dickson

Rihanna ANTI

Singer and songwriter Rihanna has just recently released her eighth studio album ANTI, which was released on January 28, distributed by the rising music service Tidal due to her current deal with the service.

There are vocal pop stars who have transcended the genre for better or worse. Some chip away relentlessly for years in terms of finding success, and some even go in the wrong direction to find it. However, Rihanna has stayed the course and has dominated the genre for years with her passionate and varying style of music.   

Senior Brea Burnett says “Rihanna has been a tremendous public figure to me and that she empowers young girls, such as me, in believing we’re worth something.”

ANTI is meant to be an intimate and eclectic menu of styles and genres from dancehall to pure Rhythm and Blues. It’s production and engineering is second to none, she shows an artistic growth through the album. This might actually be her best body of work yet and that is a testament towards the hard work which she put forth towards her vocals and compelling voice.

Senior Lakela Bailey said, “She brought so much diversity to this album it’s unbelievable, enjoyable, and ridiculously raw!”

Rihanna decided to drop her lead single ”Work” the same day as her album was released. The single brought a lot of excitement towards her album. It’s a reggae-pop song that is very rhythmic and shows off Rihanna’s vocal skills. Many people feel as if the song means that you always have to work for a paycheck no matter what else is going on in your life, it also speaks on a fragile relationship as she states within the song “If i get another chance to, I would never, no never, neglect you.” In terms of success it became her 27th top ten hit.

Throughout the tracklist of the album Rihanna explores her unhappiness at the top and creates a depressing point of view towards her audience. ANTI is ultimately an album that proves her dominance in the music industry, and that being at the top sometimes can become lonely.


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