Cross Town Classic Battle

By: Ruben Gomez


Who will win the BP Crosstown-Cup this year? The Crosstown Classic is a baseball series between the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs. This rivalry has been going on for some time now and it hasn’t been looking pretty for either team as both the Sox and Cubs have made it a seesaw battle throughout the years. My favorite to win the Crosstown Cup this year would be the Chicago Cubs, not to mention their outstanding performance last year along with their phenomenal accomplishments from rookies and pitcher Jake Arrieta, but they are also Las Vegas favorites with a 4-1 odds of winning the World Series this year. They also made a few offseason acquisitions to acquire a stronger bullpen and All-star Jason Heyward. Now can you blame me for going against a team like that to beat the Sox in a three game series? Although the Sox finished with a mediocre season in 2015, they have managed to put a great team together with the additions of Jimmy Rollins, Brett Lowrie, and Todd “The Godfather” Fraizer during the offseason. With this type of star caliber additions the Sox can make a good plead for their chance at the Cup. Well it’s going to be a fun series to watch so make sure to tune in.




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