Racial Discrimination at the Oscars

By: Alysia Long


The big debate about the Oscars is a reoccurring issue that seems not to die with the African American community. The Academy is racist by nominating only Caucasian actors instead of having a diverse list of nominees.

The Academy consists of 20 voters, all of them being Caucasian this year along with last year at the Oscars.

Many have argued that the shortage of African American actors is due to the majority of the member of Academy of Motions Pictures Arts and Sciences being Caucasian who will only nominate actors of that descent.

Maybe the African American actors cannot simply act especially, Will Smith in his lead role of Concussion or Michael B. Jordan in Creed. This is completely absurd..

It is a known fact that only the Caucasian writers or actors of the films were nominated for an Oscar while the African American participants were only recognized without awards.

This uproar in the controversy caused Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith to announce she will not be attending the Oscars, which some can argue that it’s because her husband Will Smith did not get the nomination.

On Smith’s Facebook post, she talked about how minorities need to boycott the Oscars along with her. Saying that minorities should not even have to ask to be acknowledged because it diminishes dignity and power.

Smith gave words of encouragement towards minorities suffering the racial issues of the Oscars. Smith said, “So let’s let the Academy do them, with all grace and love. And let’s do us.”

Honestly if it was not her, it would have been another angry wife or mother telling the truth that the Oscars is very so much racist and can not give credit where it’s due because of someone’s skin complexion.

According to a Los Angeles Times investigation conducted in 2012, Academy voters are 94 percent Caucasian. This is the reason why most of the nominees are Caucasian; people only vote for their own people.

The Academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs has made a false promise of adding diversity in the Academy’s voters on the Academy’s Twitter page, Isaacs said, “This is a difficult but important conversation, and it’s time for big changes.”

Issacs can make as many promises as she wants but in all actuality this is only to clear up the name of the Oscars and lock in views for the show so she can make her money.

In fear of keeping her job, Isaacs will not press the issue too much of making the voters more diverse. Although she is the president of the Academy, she is not the person making the decisions obviously.

It’s a shame that the Oscars has to be trashed and dragged through the mud for the lack of diversity when really this whole country is lacking diversity. That should not be an issue when we of course have an African American president. To hear people constantly use that excuse to justify the inequality of America is disgusting.

The simple fact of the matter is that racism in America is still present and it needs to be stopped. It’s not as if Dr. Martin Luther King himself can rise from the dead and preach another ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, but regular Americans can act as activist to fix this disaster. What is even worse is that it took a simple award ceremony to stir up the issue of racial injustice which will never go away.

At least minorities can expect to see themselves touching an award at the Oscars of course only as the host and presenters.



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