The Rise of Alternative Music


by Andres Cerda

I am a music fanatic and most of the music I hear is appealing to me. Music is defined as any combination of vocals and instrumentals that creates a certain feeling. The definition of music holds no place for judgment. I consider anything I hear on the radio or anything on my music playlist to be real music. I listen to the radio when I want to dance and not look for a meaning in any of the songs I hear. When it comes to music that’s on my playlist, I chose every song on their because I found a meaning in it I can connect with.

I don’t know of any statistic to prove this but I realized that the songs that have a true and profound meaning in them are mostly of the alternative music genres. I consider alternative genres to be punk, metal, rock, pop punk or any genre of music that isn’t often heard on the radio or in mainstream media. Music in mainstream media is popular and everyone, whether they love it or hate, has heard of it.

Alternative genres are more personal to me because for the reason of them not being popular in everyday society. I find that genres such as punk have a lot of lyrics that go against fitting in with the society you live in. A genre classified as “emo” has a lot of emotional lyrics in them. The most popular emo band known even outside of its alternative genre is My Chemical Romance, a band who broke the hearts of many fans of the emo genre after their sudden break-up back in 2013. Bands like this have impacted the lives of many music fans because they made songs people can relate to. Touching on subjects such as self harm, suicide and death, alternative bands remain personal to me and other My Chemical Romance fanatics.

Despite their touching lyrics, alternative bands like Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots have found their way onto the radio and into mainstream media while still maintaining their deep, impactful lyrics. I think it’s great alternative bands are appealing to a wider audience because their music is being played along with other popular artists.

I’ve noticed recently that many bands and artists who were never popular at the start of their career are getting the recognition they deserve. The reason for this is because those bands have started making music that appeal to everyone. It’s sounding more like pop music. Which just proves that music only needs to sound like something you can dance to for it to be popular.


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