Back To Back

By Matthew Ornelas


NHL’s defending champions, The Chicago Blackhawks, are seeking to have a back to back season, winning the Stanley Cup. They trail in second place in their division and third in the entire league, behind The Dallas Stars and The Washington Capitals.

The Blackhawks are not the same team as they were last season, losing star players such as Brandon Saad, Patrick Sharp, and Johnny Oduya, however they have done it before. The Blackhawks have won three of the last six Stanley Cup championships, making their franchise a dynasty. 

However, the number one team in the NHL, The Washington Capitals, are seeking to prevent the Blackhawks and any other team of winning the Stanley Cup this season. The Washington Capitals star player and team captain Alex Ovechkin has scored the most goals in the NHL this season so far. The goalies on the Capitals have been excelling this season allowing the least amount of goals.

Let’s not forget about the players on the Dallas Stars’ roster and their performance. Center Tyler Seguin is third in the NHL with most points and Dallas Stars’ winger and team captain Jamie Benn has the second most points in the NHL. Furthermore, the Stars have scored the most goals in the entire league. It is safe to say that the Dallas Stars are going to be one of the top competitors in the playoffs. However Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane trails second with most goals and first with most points in the NHL.  
The standings are very close this season and the Stanley Cup title is up for grabs. Anything can happen in the sport of hockey, especially when half the league is capable making the playoffs. There is roughly 20 games left in the season before the playoffs for most teams. Can the Blackhawks go back to back? Is the dynasty era still present? Or do other teams have something to say about that?


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