Why is College So Expensive?

By Koty McCoy


When it comes to college, lots of people always want to know why in the world is it so expensive?! Nowadays, college tuition ranges anywhere from 25,000-95,000 dollars over a 4 year period, which is absolutely frowned upon by many people. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t get the opportunity to experience college due to not having enough funds to pay for it. Yes, scholarships help as well as FAFSA but at the same time is that really enough? Also, some scholarships require having a high GPA which some people may not have so the scholarship is not guaranteed.  

As mentioned earlier, the Free Application for the Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as FAFSA, helps students pay for college and gives them the opportunity to receive partial help in the financial aspect of paying for college. As far as scholarships go, there are many out there, yet some students may not meet certain requirements to get the money that is offered.

Society says that children are supposed to have a good education and help themselves be better people, but how is that supposed to happen if we don’t have the funds to further our education? It should be considered a public issue when there are students who don’t have the opportunity to further their education because of the unattainable cost of paying for college or not achieving certain academic standards.

Although,it is understandable that colleges need lots of money to keep their institutions up and running, but at the same time there are students who really want to keep their education on the right track. Universities will also be able to continue their great education streak. While all of these things are true, tuition prices should not be to the point where they are breaking people’s pockets and putting students in debt with student loans before they graduate college. The fact that the cost of college is just about the same amount as a household does not make sense and something needs to be done about it immediately. Something that could be done to help both students and universities would be for the admissions board at universities to discuss a point where they could cut the cost of attendance by a certain amount so that people won’t put themselves into a lot of debt but at the same time universities can stay running properly and continue to thrive. If society plans on having young entrepreneurs,doctors, lawyers, etc. in the world then something needs to be done about the tuition for college immediately.


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