Lindblom Writing Center kicks off their first year the right way!

By: Samaiya Butler


Though the Writing Center has hosted many events, they are still focusing on what they’re supposed to be known for; tutoring. Tutoring sessions vary from Lunch A, B, C, D, periods 4, and even sessions after school. Students who need or are interested in getting tutored can sign up for an appointment on the Lindblom Writing Center’s website or just walk in. Writing Center instructors don’t just tutor people in English; they tutor in Science, Math, and more!

The Lindblom’s Writing Center has done monthly writing contest since school began. Topics vary from writing about something ugly to writing about the CPS budget cuts.

Students can submit a poem, fiction piece, nonfiction piece or artwork.

The winners are chosen by the writing center instructors, and are reviewed thoroughly.

Winners can receive a gift card from target, starbucks, chipotle or more!

Participants not only are eligible for gift cards, but they also get a pizza party hosted to announce winners. The Writing Center also has hosted many events in the school. The very first event was the Haunted House held in the library. “It was so fun and scary! I think they should do it every year for Halloween!” Senior Nia Lennan said. She’s not the only one who thinks that though; the Writing Center raised over $300 just from that event! They’ve also hosted an Open Mic, where dancers, singers, poets and more can show off their talent in front of their peers.

The Writing Center has had a successful year so far, and they have plenty more to come!


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