Good Colleges Don’t Want You

By Mario Chandler

college denial.jpg

The misunderstood notion among high school students is that, with good grades and a high GPA, you will be able to get into most good colleges. Many of the highest rated colleges may have standards that are too high for even the most prominent students. This is detrimental to society because colleges have developed a stigma that you have to be perfect to be accepted to a good college. Stanford University is a prime example of changing acceptance rates. From 2009-2010, Stanford had an acceptance rate of 8 percent; then from 2013-2014, the rate dropped to 5.7 percent. This is one of the top 10 lowest acceptance rates for 2014. The trend between acceptance rates and colleges is a sad one. The more prominent in name a college is, the lower the acceptance rate. Many would think that this is a normal occurrence since it must mean that the college is “tough”, but they must realize this causes many students who have great potential to be ignored and discouraged about going to colleges.


It is understandable to think that if the college is harder to get into then it means that the college is good, but we have to realize that for students this is a huge demoralizer. If we don’t give students access to a good learning environment then how can we expect them to thrive and create a better future. Many students don’t receive jobs when leaving college because they are ignored because of their college name. It is a loop that leaves many intelligent people with low paying jobs when they could be performing at the same level or even higher of someone from Princeton. Acceptance rates are choking the future of many individuals who don’t go to the ideal high school or encountered a rough year during their high school career. Colleges should have a healthy acceptance rate in which it allows many more students a chance to succeed.
Many people believe low acceptance rates mean that the school is easy to get into but that doesn’t truly determine the academic level of a college. Acceptance rates do not determine the greatness nor academic level of a college.


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