Coffee Saves the Day

by Alondra Lopez


Coffee has won over the hearts of millions of Americans. It’s a part of their daily routine, and often times feel as if their lives wouldn’t be complete without it. However, tea lovers might disagree in saying that tea is a healthier alternative. Coffee provides us with the rush of caffeine we crave every day. We demand it to get through our daily life struggles.

If you are like me, then you probably don’t like having to get up early. Luckily for us, coffee is a morning person. It’s also the one thing that I look forward to on a Monday morning. Going up the stairs to my kitchen and smelling the sweet rescuing aroma of fresh brewed coffee welcomes me into a long day. In that moment I know that it will be okay. At least because my coffee is with me.

There is an insanely long list of flavors and varieties of coffee you can drink. There is a type of coffee for everyone. Sweet and strong, or cold and blended with whipped cream. It really depends on how you’re feeling and what you’re craving. It can be part of your breakfast lunch and dinner if you really liked to. Don’t forget! Once a season is upon us like fall all coffee than changes to pumpkin spice, caramel, cinnamon, etc. Coffee literally integrates into our life.

Yes, tea has its added perks like having health benefits, but does tea have it’s own shop? No it doesn’t. There are literally coffee shops in every corner, especially in the city. Tea is just a little extra on the menu. Coffee shops are the best by the way. They are little sanctuaries where it’s socially acceptable to dive in on a cup of coffee and be on your laptop using up free wifi for hours. Let’s be real – it’s the only real way to get stuff done.

The point is, coffee is the best. It’s always there for you. Morning and night. It’s a therapeutic drink. Coffee is literally there to get you through the roughest of mornings and it definitely gets those endless nights of studying done.Thank you, coffee; there will never be a better substitute.  We appreciate you so, so much.


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