Xbox One is Boring

By Erykah Shepard


The Xbox One was released to the public Nov. 22, 2013 and the world went crazy. People stood in lines for days so that they could be one of the first with that glorious $500 machine and new games were coming out left and right. That Christmas holiday was filled with Xbox One; Everyone wanted one. Well surprisingly with all the hype built up on this system, It was quite boring.

The Xbox One is quite large, making it hard to travel with or place anywhere in your home. It can get pretty hot in enclosed spaces, but it’s much too big to find a place it can go and still have air to breathe. Forget sitting it on your floor. The system is mainly touch sensitive, Which is a cool feature for those of you who enjoy turning on your system after walking past it, and keeping it in a place where small children can explore their curiosity is not a great idea.

Despite the system’s large size, the amount of space the system gives you is quite small. 68.3 GB/s sounds like a lot but if you think about it, that’s only a handful of games. If you are looking for gameplay with great graphics AND great storage, stick with PC gaming over the Xbox One. Every app you download, every game you have will have updates 24/7. That 68.3 GB/s will build up quite fast and before you know it, you will be looking to get rid of a couple applications.

The games look GREAT on the Xbox One; The graphics are splitting and almost hurt your eyes with how great it is, games like CoD: Advanced Warfare look beautiful on the system. And the new, quite expensive, at $50-$150, controller really brings you into your element. Xbox has recently released Backwards Capability which allows you to play your Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. So you can relax and play all of your previous BorderLand games without having to switch out that heavy system with it’s older brother.

The system is extremely similar to it’s older brother, the Xbox 360. It looks different, and the games are different, but it is ultimately the same system. It has better Kinect capabilities than its older brother, and it runs smoother than the previous system. However if you keep playing your Xbox 360, you are not missing out on much other than the newer games for this system.



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