A cry for change

By: Diamond Williams



What I consider to be the most pressing global issue today would  be the increasing numbers of deaths to African Americans across the United States. There has been a strong outcry for change in African American communities and relationships with the Chicago Police Department.   

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Laquan McDonald are just a few of the names that you notice / recognize when you hear or think of the movement Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence toward black people.

This began in an African American community some time ago when families began to see their unarmed children die due to them just being black. Most people had little awareness of the Black Lives Matter Movement until the very big national case of Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman, in which the state ruled in favor of Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was walking home at night when George Zimmerman decided that this unarmed African American boy with his hoodie on his head posed a threat to not only his safety but the safety of others in his neighborhood  as well, and decided to shoot and kill him.  This case brought up so  much controversy in the nation that it is believed to have been the tipping point for chaos in the United States.

Ever since then, more and more “accidents” with Caucasians and police officers  killing African Americans have occurred and the most horrifying thing about it is that they are getting away with it. These people are out free living their lives.  Yes, their faces are on the news; yes, they might lose their jobs or get temporary suspensions,  but the thing is they get to still have their lives to live. They can go see their families and work to try and better themselves even after murdering someone.

The African American population as a whole is suffering so much so that they are becoming somewhat of an endangered species. One after another shot and killed and people are scared. They are wondering if their child, brother, sister, etc will be next and NO ONE should have to live in fear.

We need more African American lawyers, judges, law enforcement officials and everything else. African Americans are strong people that has the capability to achieve so much more, to be so much greater. Now is definitely a time for change for the African American communities.


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