Say No to Animal Cruelty

By: Ruby Diaz


Animals need to have a voice in this world; they need to be seen as valuable as humans. Animals are creatures of the world and they need to be accounted for. Each animal is unique in their special way. In this world animals that are pets should be considered property and should be protected from cruelty all over the world. Animals do not deserve to be abused or harmed.  

People should consider animals as part of their property they own and as a family member. Many people, 90% of Americans, own dogs or cats and they celebrate their birthdays, either the day of birth or the day the owner adopted, got, or received the animal. They should not be seen as an object, but rather a property that is valuable to the owner and family members.

Animals deserve to have equal rights throughout the world because as people they have feelings. Laws that protect animals should be implemented and followed around the world because animals have the right to live a long and peaceful life. Although society may say animals are aggressive and should be killed, it’s up to the owner to treat the animal with respect in order for the animal to show respect back. Cesar Millan, a dog behaviorist often says, “A breed is like a suit of clothes, it doesn’t tell you anything about the dog inside”.  Millan statement connects with society because many people around the world put stereotypes towards breeds.

Organization should work with communities in order to teach them the value of animals. More laws that look towards helping animals should be put into place. By working together, people voices unite so they can be heard. Animals should be considered property around the world in order to diminish cruelty acts against them.



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