Will Lindblom Baseball Bring Home a Title?

By: Ronell Mosley


“This is Lindblom’s year, we are gonna win a conference title this year,” senior Tristan Hannah said.

This upcoming season the baseball team is coming to pack a punch to the teams in their conference. In the recent years, Lindblom Baseball has battled many challenges. One challenge was not only being able to get a coach, but also keep one. In the 2012-2013 season, the Eagles had a record breaking season with 18 wins and 3 losses under the head coaching staff of Cletus McMillan. The Lindblom Eagles were undefeated and gained a conference champion title. The Eagles then had hope for the next season, but due to personal issues, the Eagles were forced to find a new coach.

For the 2013-2014 school year, the team still had difficulties when it came to finding a new coach. Our Athletic Director, Ms. Davis, found Lindblom Alum Christopher Brown and his coaching staff. Coach Chris believed in the motto of “working hard to make it pay of in the end”. He entered the coaching job with the mission of having a winning record and winning a back to back conference championship. Sadly, due to small problems within the season the Eagles had began to fall and fly low. They had not only let themselves down, but they didn’t accomplish their goal of winning conference and having a great season like the year before. At the end of the year, Coach Chris had to leave due to personal problems and as a result, Lindblom Baseball was left without a coach once again.

In the following year, the Baseball team started early gearing up for the 2014-2015 season under the new coach, Mr.Thomas Clark, who was eager to help the team out. He had palyign experience so he was able to engage with players. Being a young coach, he was able to get into the game physically and mentally. The Eagles battled long and hard to fight and gained the record  9-9 and one tie. The Eagles began flying upward to accomplish their long term goals of winning a conference championship. Their conference was tough and that caused the team to only break even.

In the 2015-2016 season, the Eagles have been putting in major work in order to get better. New teacher Matthew Fidati, a former division 3 coach, has taken up the coaching job and says, “ I want to come in and start a baseball program, not a team, but a program.” He said wants to start a program where the team was treated like a real baseball institution.

Junior captain Jacob Thomas, who is a three-year  veteran to the team, said, “ I think Coach Fidati is going to be a great asset to the Lindblom Baseball program. With this new coach the atmosphere is similar to a major league team or a college baseball program.” He further gave his opinion on his outlook on the season, “ I believe we have the capability to not only have a winning season but the chance and capability in winning a conference championship”

As the off-season  came to an end, the team was more ready than before. They plan on bringing a conference champion title back to Lindblom.


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