Rihanna Releases Album After 4 Years!

by Samaiya Butler


Singer Robyn Fenty, better known as Rihanna, finally released her awaiting album after four years. Rihanna is known for her unapologetic attitude and notorious sex appeal. The singer was known for releasing an album almost every year since her musical career started in 2005 with her first album release of Music of the Sun. Next in 2006, she released A Girl Like Me, followed by Good Girl Gone Bad in 2007. In 2009 she released Rated R., followed by Loud being released in  2010, and Talk That Talk being released in 2011. Lastly in 2012, Rihanna released Unapologetic.

But, on January 28th, Rihanna finally released her 8th album, ANTI! After releasing an album every year since she came out in 2005, Rihanna decided that Unapologetic, released in 2012 was the last album she was going to put out in four years! ANTI’s songs not only has a love story behind them, but they also all have an underlying meaning in the lyrics.  

Singer Rihanna goes on her ANTI Worldtour on March 12th. She will be performing in Florida, Nashville, Ohio, North Carolina, Washington, New York, Chicago and more! The tour is planned to end on August 12th in London. Rihanna is also rumored to be performing at many award shows in the future!


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