Gender Bender Day is sexist and insensitive


by Faviola Ramirez

It’s 2016 and we still have Gender Bender Day as an option during senior spirit week. Why?

Clothing shouldn’t have assigned gender. Businesses only have gender-specific clothing for the pure business of making money. Yet we’ve enforced it into our society norms. How are we ever going to change the society norms if we continue to enforce them?

It’s understood that Gender Bender has been around for a long time and has become a LMSA tradition for spirit weeks. Simply because something has been around for a long time does not justify it or make it okay; for instance: racism. It completely wrong with colleges continue to ridicule people of color through their sorority/fraternity activities through either Black Face events or black men eating watermelon on t-shirts. Racism is discriminating against people of color.

Sexism is discriminating against different genders, sexual identities, or  lifestyles. Any type of discrimination should not be glorified or justified through fun events. So why is it okay for our school to participate in sexism? It’s completely insensitive in the fact that it is a form of appropriation. It’s ridiculing several groups of people: gender neutral, those who don’t identify with gender, transgender, transvestite, etc.

LMSA students voted on having either Gender Bender Day or Jersey Day for Wednesday,  May 18. However, only students that were part of the spirit week proccess were able to vote on the spirit week themes—not every senior was included into the decision. Gender Bender Day won the poll by two votes. Thing is…why was it an option to begin with? Why is it a choice have a discriminating activity to participate as a school event? Why and how did it get passed the Class Board?

Editor’s Note: According to administration, Gender Bender Day is not an approved Lindblom event. Lindblom would never approve or support an event that discriminates against or makes students feel unwelcome as part of the Lindblom community.  The administration has notified the class board that such an event is discouraged and not approved.



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  1. It’s perfectly fine that Eagles still have gender bender day. The point is to mock and laugh at how men and women should not dress. If a man decides to wear a dress because he claims ” I like to “. He’s most likely gay, and there’s nothing else to it. People need to stop feeling that being gay, transgender or cross dressing is ok. IT’S NOT. It’s unnatural and wrong and those people know they are wrong. It’s the rest of our attitudes that “it’s ok ” that allows them to continue doing what they do.

  2. anon i see where your original idea had gone but rather i think that being gay isn’t wrong and i feel that joking of the situation releases the tension and here in america tension for the LGBT community at least where i live,is passive at best. im not saying that dressing “as the opposite sex isn’t offensive the oppressed but i also see it as an opportunity to allow people to express themselves. i’m doing it tomorrow and i feel as it will be a fun experience dressing as my opposite gender.

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