No Child Should Suffer

homeless kids.jpg

By Marilyn Besler

Homelessness is an important issue around the world. According to globalissues.org, almost half of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 a day. People are out on the streets asking for money, for food, or for help. Others try to give them the couple of change they have on them even if it may not be much. Instead of giving money, as a community we can work together in many other ways to help these people.

There are many people who suffer from being homeless. Homelessness extends to a wide variety of problems including hunger and lack of access to proper healthcare. Hunger is a result in many cases of people living on the streets, children are suffering the most in these cases. They don’t deserve to live this way or grow up in this horrible situation. Homeless children also suffer the most from the lack of access to proper healthcare. About 10 million children die from the lack of proper health care according to NBC news. Clinics can provide a day where they give free immunizations to those who can’t afford it. It may seem unrealistic to give free healthcare to children because it would be very costly, but investing in children is a smart investment for the future of our world.

Young people can play an important role in trying to resolve this. They can volunteer their time at shelters, start food drives at their schools, or even hold an event where they provide hot food for the homeless. Homeless children deserve to go to school and receive a good education to grow up and have the chance to live a successful lifestyle. Young people can help teach some of these kids how to read or help them learn math. They can give children a sense of hope that they can make it in life if they really try. Youth can be leaders. As we grow older, we learn different ways to make a difference not only in our own community, but in others as well. It is a young adults mission to grow up finding a way they can make a difference in other’s lives. Exposing youth to the different issues in the world will help them come up with different ideas on how to resolve these problems. Starting young will allow all their good ideas to extend into their adulthood and they’ll be able to continue with it.


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