by DeJah Jones



As second semester begins, so does senioritis. Seeing that this is their last year, seniors are beginning to become anxious for June 11, 2016. This is the day they walk across the stage, receive their diploma, leave to never return, walk away and never look back.

In the middle of the school year students were stressing to finalize essays for early decision and early action applications to prospective colleges/universities, and scholarships with Jan. deadlines. You’ve seen most of them walking the halls with laptops, chromebooks, and macbooks in hand. This is when they were working the most. After winter break it was all about finals, studying to get the final grades that colleges will see, perfect.

By now students were beginning to hear from colleges and scholarships awardees. With many hearing from their top choices, they feel no need to work any harder than they have to. As they barely made it through finals week, senior Kylie Udell says,” Now that finals over I’m just waiting on June 4, 2016”. The date that she speaks of is the day of prom. Seeing that after prom is graduation rehearsal then graduation, Kylie is implying that she is done with school work on that day. This statement has been made by several seniors, not just Kylie.

Though she agrees, Kira Murphy has a different opinion on the severity of her senioritis. She says,” My last day is May 27, 2016, that is the last day we actually attend school”. Shadow week for seniors begins May 28, which means they attend a profession in which they are interested in learning more about. They do not report back to the school, their attendance is marked by the profession they shadow. This making May 27 the last day the attend school.

Besides the anticipation for the end, this is also just the beginning. As they proceed to college to become engineers, lawyers, doctors, and much more, after four, some six, long years at Lindblom, they are patiently awaiting the moment they graduate.


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