Chicago, Put the Guns Down

Rash of Violence Plagues Holiday Weekend

CHICAGO, IL – JULY 06 (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

By Vanessa Diaz

Chicago has been experiencing several unfortunate events lately, many fatal and others just frightening to the entire city. Since the beginning of the year, 2016, there has been over 400 shootings all across the city. More than 400 victims? In 2 months? These numbers are shocking and it is even more shocking to know that those numbers also include people under the age of 18.

Chicago has always been known for it’s high crime rates, but recently several events have shocked the city. For example, the Gage Park homicide case that took place in early February, has affected many people and only left the city with more questions and worry. Targeted attacks are frequent in the city, but some are random acts of gang affiliation, which worries residents. Many say that “no one is safe” in the city of Chicago, meaning that anyone can be a part of a tragic story, anytime, anywhere. It’s a frightening thought, but that is the startling reality.

A restriction on guns can ultimately lead to less crime rates. ‘Less guns equals less killings’ sounds like a reasonable solution, but how do we get rid of the weapons that are already spread throughout Chicago? And how do we as a city decide who keeps their guns and who gets them taken away? Are we background checking gun owners and doing regular check-ups over time? These steps can create safer communities and can rebuild trust amongst neighborhoods. The streets should be for children to enjoy, and to use as their playground but instead they are viewed as battlegrounds for several Chicagoans, which result in several city-wide tragedies. It will certainly be a long time before Chicago see’s it’s crime numbers decrease, but small steps can ultimately lead to a great outcome that will benefit all of Chicago.


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