Racial Inequality in the Workplace

By Kandace Perry


Race can hold people back from achieving their goals whether it be from education to employment. Racial inequality is still one of the main things that holds minorities back from being able to get the jobs that they deserve. Even if a minority meets the qualifications for a specific job in terms of education and experience, they still may not be able to get it because of racial stereotyping. The jobs that are hiring based on racial preference instead of qualifications are hurting themselves. They are risking hiring someone who is less competent for the job just so they can work with people who look more like them. This just goes to show that white privilege is a real issue and is being displayed in many ways throughout society. It is time to end this cycle of white privilege and give everyone the opportunity to have something for themselves.

Over the years, we have seen how white people value other white people more than they value minorities. This has always been a problem. Affirmative Action is one solution where places of employment have to hire a certain amount of minorities. This solution is just a short- term solution and the long- term solution needs to be that we cannot have race tensions anymore. We need to learn how to live in a productive society where everyone is equal no matter the race.

 As a community, we should learn how to respect and treat everyone fairly, especially when it comes to jobs. With there being a limited amount of jobs available, good paying jobs at that, everyone deserves the same opportunities. Every human being should have the right to be at a job level that is equivalent to their education level. Nobody should have to settle for a job that is below them because they cannot receive a job due to racial inequality in the businesses and companies.


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